The universe of learning

The universe of learning

terça-feira, 2 de novembro de 2010

Working with recordings

The series of posts you'll see below is about recording yourself. There are many available options in the net for us to use.I decided to try one by one with all my levels.As this coming week I'll be dealing with revision for written tests , most of them I prepared to give students a chance to correct some exercises and one of them I'll give as a listening activity.They are not dificult to prepare and they offer a very good quality of sound.The one that I found easiest to use was vocaroo. I'll be using it twice. I'll present you the tools I used which were:
In this post I'll describe a project I'm planning to do using Vocaroo. I'm thinking to use it with my Pre- Intermediate group level 3. In their book there's a text they are supposed to read and later on mark some sentences true or false.My plan is I recorded  myself reading the first paragraph and I'll post it in another blog I created . I'll ask some volunteers to record the other paragraphs of the text  at home and send me via e-mail. Later I'll post all in this blog. Whenever I receive all the text recorded I'll  play the recordings to all class who will listen and then mark some sentences true or false.

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  1. Andréa, the one which offers better sound quality was audioboo and audiopal, don't you think? The idea to work with texts for correction purposes is interesting. I do believe it becomes richer if we use it with student's recordings like you suggested in one of your posts.