The universe of learning

The universe of learning

quinta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2010

Presentations with audio

The tool I explored this week is very good to present things. Actually I used two tools . I used slideshare to upload my powerpoint slides and then I used aviary to record my voice. I prepared this activity for my Upper level . The topic is comparison but I used the tools I mentioned to present the new vocabulary related to animals that is in the lesson.Firstly I'll  show the slidecast twice so that students will listen and try to memorize new vocabulary. Then I'll separate them in pairs  and I'll show the other sequence of slides without my voice. They will be supposed to write down the phrases describing each animal. Finally I'll repeat the slidecast for them to compare. The pair that gets more correct phrases will win sweets.  Animals that... Uia 5a
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  1. Hey Andrea! Loved your presentation!! And the tips you gave for them to discover the animals were very interesting.